Marketing Concierge

Let HairMax handle your email marketing campaign automatically.

hairmax salon email marketing

A complete, unattended marketing solution The HairMax marketing concierge by uAppointment, automates the process of marketing to your clients and keeping them coming back. You set the parameters and the concierge will be working 24/7 in the background to find clients that need marketing to. Whether a client has not been in for an appointment in a while and needs to be re-engaged, or is a regular and who could use some special attention, the concierge will do all the work.

Unprecedented value
Price all the services provided by the concierge and you will quickly discover what a bargain it is. In addition to saving money, having a marketing system built into your sales software provides smarter marketing that is driven by your sales and client data in real time.

Retain lost clients
Let's say you want email all clients a promotion who haven't been into the salon in 2 months. The concierge will be sending emails out to any inactive clients with a promotion that will encourage them to come back. It simply is not possible to keep track of which clients are not coming back on your own, and if you are not actively re-engaging your clients, you are probably losing them. And worse yet, you probably are not aware of which clients you have lost until it's too late.

Make you clients feel special
Active clients still need attention too. Make your regular clients feel special by wishing them a Happy Birthday and treating them with a special gift or discount. Birthday emails are automatically sent to clients for you.

Get quality review
The concierge will request your clients write reviews with every email their receive. There's no better way to see how your clients like the service you provide than requesting feedback. The feedback they submit can be automatically included on your website to drive new business.

Get feedback that counts
Do you want feedback on specific parts of your business, or to conduct polls, or see how a client's last service was? The concierge allows you to build your own surveys and send them to your clients. You can even attach incentives to give your clients an extra push to fill them out.

Custom marketing
In addition to automated marketing emails, the concierge has a full blown bulk emailer, capable of sending high quality emails to your entire client base.

And much, much more!
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