HairMax Salon Software

Our software manages your entire business with ease, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

  • HairMax Salon Cash Register

  • HairMax Salon Appointment Book

  • HairMax Salon Queue

  • HairMax Salon Clients

  • HairMax Salon Reporting

Whether you are new to salon software, or shopping around for a new system, taking the plunge into investing in a new software system can be a very daunting and even costly task. Don't go into it alone. We are here to help you every step of the way in picking the best solution for your needs and implementing it at your salon.

Let's be honest. Every salon software package has all the basic features that it takes to run a salon. Some are better suited towards high end salons, some are priced better, some have every bell and whistle you can imagine. But ask yourself one thing - why are you buying software to manage your business? One simple reason, to increase your profits. If your software is not doing that for you, then why are you wasting your time and money?

We want to be the company you turn to for your software needs and the one you grow your business with. We don't just hand you a program and move on. We are there during every step of the setup, the training, the support, and will be there at your side as your business flourishes. Because our business relies on your success, we take yours as seriously as our own.

We offer many options for purchasing HairMax, including the option to get HairMax FREE of charge for salons that qualify. Please contact us to learn how. If you would like to know if HairMax is right for your salon, please contact us today to set up a free phone consultation and personal demo.